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30 July 2009

Laugh Out Loud

For the last month or so, Olivia has been silently cracking up at everything...from our silly dances to lifting her feet to her face. Only two times before have we gotten even a 1/2 second glimpse into what her laugh will be like.

Until last night. David and I were on the floor with her while she was doing a little tummy time action and I happened to have my point-and-shoot camera out. (Don't get me started on my anger towards my new digital SLR not working for the entire AZ/ATL trip.) She was doing the silent crack-up when I decided to get a video of her. And somehow we managed to catch her first real laugh on video. The best part is RIGHT as the video starts. And, again, you can see all of the drool that this girl produces.


Jillian said...

Oh my god! Is it not the most beautiful and heartwarming sound in the universe? I hope you have a lifetime filled with that sound.

Marissa said...

SOOOO CUTE! I love it! What a darling video. Baby laughter is the absolute best don't you think? :) Love David's baby voice. Oh, and what digital SLR did you end up getting? Sorry it didn't work for you on your trip. My lens went defective around 4th of July so I had to get it replaced. Hope you get it fixed or maybe you can still return it and get a new one?

Irma said...

Spending a few seconds of my lunch time hearing Olivia laugh is the best medicine!

Mom Cooper said...

I'm sure that there have been other babies that have laughed out loud at three months, but this is the sweetest one ever! (Sorry other mothers that are reading this but Nana thinks Olivia's "everything" is the sweetest ever).