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12 January 2010

If It Wasn't Painful, It Wouldn't Be Worth It

This afternoon, I spent about 50 minutes on the phone with my (wonderful) mother helping her figure out how to transfer pictures from her iPhoto to a USB (or a UBS as my mom called it a few times) device.  According to her, the pictures were all over the place - ranging from her desktop to some unknown G drive somewhere, tucked far away in the depths of the Mac.  We finally got it sorted out and the 100 or so pictures she wanted to print were safely stored on the USB device AND she even figured out how to delete some old school files off of it as well.  (Each time she deleted one, I heard a "YaY! IT'S GONE" which totally reminded me of the "Terget" lady from Saturday Night Live).

Anyway, after that was all resolved, I taught her how to email me pictures from her iPhoto and was immediately rewarded with about 20 pictures from Christmas and NYE that I didn't have on my camera.

So, for your viewing pleasure*, here are a few more pictures I wish I had been able to post in my "Christmas in Pictures" post last week!

I'm so glad my mom had this on her camera - the only pictures I have of Michele's visit are ones I KNOW she wouldn't want me to put up here.

And, can I just say that right now she is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY in LOVE with her Papa!?  Like, doesn't want a thing to do with me when he is around.

And, look Mom, here are three more resources you can call!

Based on how they are dressed, I bet you can guess that they spent their NYE differently!

The sibs.  Next up, teaching Mom how to crop.  Or how to pick new places to pose for pictures.

Check out our pantry and our fridge!

Were we going to the same place?  Maybe David was just getting ready to do some push-ups with the Gold's Gym push-up handles stored on the fireplace hearth. And me?  Well, I was ready to be a Fly Girl.

**You didn't even have to work for them......


Mom Cooper said...

Well I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. Thanks for all your help. Now if I just will be able to remember how to do it again tomorrow. Now I have to go get those 90 pictures printed.

Marissa said...

Great pictures! I love seeing David with Livi. So sweet. :)

Poppy said...

Great pictures by Nana. She always has her camera available. Love those family pictures and the 3 geeks ic is a Hoot!

Lauren said...

Can we just take a moment to point out how STINKING HOT YOU ARE Momma?!?!?!

Irma said...

You look amazing. And I LOVE the picture of you and Ryan!