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04 January 2010

Christmas in Pictures

Too tired to blog, so imagine you were with us on Christmas through these pictures! If you actually were, we LOVED having you. If you weren't, we totally missed you, but you were with us in spirit.

I wrapped this one up special for Nana!

Just half of Santa's sleigh!

One of the best gifts ever!  'Twas the Night Before Christmas, narrated by Nana and Poppy!

Probably David's most favorite gift from Peter and Irma!

This kid LOVES going shopping in her new little shopping cart!

Starting traditions already - Olivia's first present from us is her ornament and Christmas pjs.

Stockings for our children.

I told you - she LOVES that shopping cart!

One of three dog calendars I made this year.  Peyton is such a cute subject!

Olivia loves this toy too - she loves to turn the plastic pages.

This is probably one of my all time favorite pictures EVER.  Olivia went walking almost every day with her Poppy and couldn't have been happier.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I should resume normal blogging sometime soon when I recover from all the fun!


Irma said...

Looks like a great holiday. Sorry we could not be there but we will make it another year. Big kiss to Olivia.

Marissa said...

Hope the things I got for Olivia will fit. Looks like a fun Christmas. And I agree with David - that's the best chapstick anywhere! :)

Mom Cooper said...

When you are with family no matter the occasion it is good, but this was the best because it was Olivia's first Christmas and Poppy, Nana and Uncle Ryan sure were glad to be a part of it. Olivia is one special baby.

Jillian said...

It's about time! I was going to have to check myself into a Methadone clinic because I was having such withdraws from The Amanda Diaries.
I feel MUCH better now!
You Michelson's sure must've been good, because it looks like Santa was pretty good to YOU!
Hope We can visit!

David said...

Christmas was so much fun! These are great pictures :)

Lauren said...

That book from Nana and Poppy is the BEST gift I have ever seen... I teared up just looking at it. Olivia will have to treasure that for years and years to come.