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26 June 2010

The Day In Pictures

It seems that David and I have a habit of being lazy half of the day and then trying to cram a day's worth of activities into a few hours.  And then, well, you have me blogging at 10:50 at night instead of sleeping peacefully in bed.  So tomorrow morning, I'll be tired and want to be lazy and then around 2ish after Olivia wakes up from her nap, we'll kick it in to high gear again and BOOM, we'll have the same cycle again.

So, here's a quick recap of some highlights from our busy afternoon/evening.

We released the butterflies that we've watched grow from itty bitty caterpillars turning to chrysalides and emerging as beautiful Painted Ladies.  Olivia wore her butterfly shirt for the special occasion.

There were 10 butterflies in all.

I love this picture - she was looking at the inside of the butterfly cage and Magnum was looking for a treat!

Watching them fly away.

Here's one of the butterflies on the paper where 5 of the chrysalid shells were attached.

Check this out - the butterfly is starting to come out of the cage.

And here it is taking off.  We're nerds, right?

We took a quick trip to the beach since Olivia seemed to enjoy it the last time we were there.

OMG, she is just too cute for words.

David is teaching Olivia how to dig to China.

So, he dug a hole in the sand and at this point, it was deep enough to come to his knees.

And then it was deep enough to almost cover Olivia!

She knows where her belly button is and where our belly buttons are. 

We even managed to squeeze in a little cheerleading practice.

But, she got hungry and had a little sand for a snack.

Finishing the beach trip with a run down the slide.

SOLO ride!

Oh, and here are a few pictures from last night's playtime.

She's getting ready to make me a cup of coffee.  Sweet girl.

Happy Saturday from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

Looks like fun time to me.

Mom Cooper said...

Love all the pictures. Glad all the butterflies emerged. My kindergarten kids loved the butterfly unit. It is really neat to watch the transformation. She is getting to be such a big girl.