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27 June 2010

My Sunday Smiles

Here are a few things making me smile on this beautiful Sunday:

Um, this one is pretty obvious!

A bike ride to our local Farmer's Market with my two favorite people.

Not caring that my baby is always dressed better than me and actually allowing a picture of the two of us to be taken together in the middle of our ride.

Thank you, Oxi Clean, for getting Olivia's dress clean after she devoured 4 strawberries, a nectarine and sugar snap peas at Farmer's -- most of which landed on her dress. I'm pretty much obsessed with this blue box. (Thanks, Jill)

Holy Dollar Bins, Target! I love, Love, LOVE the dollar bins at Target and am always bringing home cheap cardboard books that I don't care if Olivia destroys. I hit the motherload today with all the Dr. Seuss goodies (this is just a sampling of the 30+ dollars I spent). Olivia's playroom has a whimsical, pastel Dr. Seuss motif and these will go perfectly in there!

I loaded 942 pictures from my cell phone onto my laptop and found these little gems. *Sigh*

My friend Lauren, who I used to work with at The Fort, posted this link on her Facebook site the other day and David and I went through them again tonight. (A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.) Hilarious.

Was it fate that made me check Petfinder today? Will Hogan be the newest addition to the Michelson family? Stay tuned.
(Does he not sound like he and Magnum were separated at birth?!)

Some rules were just meant to be broken. I signed into Family Law that we would NOT be eating dinner in the family room once our new carpet came in. I made an exception tonight so David and I could have a BBQ picnic inside (considering it was 9:15 before we ate dinner). And, look at me all Cali girl calling it a BBQ even when there's no BBQ sauce involved (with the exception of the BBQ popped chips).
*Yowsa, Mr. Impatience needs a haircut! ;)

Hope you had several somethings to make you smile today too.
Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Doug Johnson said...

I am not sure Magnum wants to share the attention. In that picture of David eating on the new carpet, Magnum looks pissed.

Marissa said...

What a fun blog post. Love those old pictures of Olivia, she's just too cute. Glad those stains came out. I might have to try that stuff on my boys' clothes.

Mom Cooper said...

Fun, fun post. Again let me say I love all the pics of Olivia. It is so neat to see how much she grows and changes, almost from one set of pictures to the next.

LLK said...

Awwww...catching up on my blogs and I got a shout out! You're so sweet, thanks! Glad you and Jill had lots of fun...all of your girlies are adorable.