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07 June 2010

Picnics, Playgrounds and Pigtails

David had a seminar this weekend south of L.A., so on Friday I packed up all of our stuff while caring for a sick baby who only wanted to be held.  We didn't end up leaving town until after 6 which means we didn't make it into our hotel until almost 11.  And, Olivia was such a trooper.  She wasn't happy for about the last hour of the trip, but slept like a rock once we got settled in.  And, fortunately, her fever and runny nose disappeared by the next morning.

David's seminar was literally ALL DAY on Saturday.  We dropped him off at 8:30 in the morning and didn't pick him up until 8:30 that night.  We were staying at an Embassy Suites which was perfect because Olivia had her own room and so did we.  When she wasn't napping, we explored the raging town of Irvine.    I have never been in a town with more parks and playgrounds.  Olivia and I grabbed some lunch on Saturday, found a park, spread out our blanket and PIC-NIC'd.

This little blanket is awesome because it zips up into its own carrying case and is easily cleaned.

Fruit cup for my baby girl....who looks more like a toddler and less like a baby.

On Sunday, after fashioning her hair into the cutest little pigtails I have ever seen, we hit up the Ikea down the street from our hotel and then headed to another park with sandwiches and fruit for another picnic.

Pigtails, ya'll!!

She can't get much cuter, can she?

Yep, I guess she can.

I got this awesome little tote from Target and it's perfect for putting snacks in.  I'm pretty sure I can attach it to the back of the Electra too.

Magnum got put on punishment after snatching a bite of my sandwich out of my hand WITHOUT permission!

David got out of his seminar around 6:30 and we decided to go grab some dinner at The Melting Pot.  Marissa is always going on about how awesome that restaurant is, but I think she left out the part about how it takes TWO AND A HALF HOURS to eat there.  We seriously had no idea.  What were we thinking taking Olivia to a restaurant where it takes almost 3 hours to have a meal??  I guess we were thinking we had a pretty well-behaved baby and you know what?  We were right.  She did SO well.  Yeah, we did a lot of walking around in between courses and we were very blessed to have a waitress volunteer to watch her for us while we ate the main course.  And, you know, dipping marshmallows and rice crispy treats into melted milk chocolate only took about 2 minutes.  And, Marissa, you are so right - The Melting Pot is DEE-LISH!

We found this street on the way and had to stop for a photo-op!

Heaven in a fondue pot.


Mom Cooper said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day(s) while hubby/Papa attended a seminar. Glad Olivia was such a good girl for her Momma. Magnum not so good. I love the Melting Pot, glad you all did too.

Doug Johnson said...

I love that picture of naughty Magnum.

Marissa said...

Haha, I was wondering who was watching Olivia for you while you were going out to eat, that's what. :) Yes, it takes a long time. We took Arden there the first time we went (not knowing how long it took) and we were with a bunch of people and it took nearly 4 hours! And he was a great baby, but by the end he was ready to leave. :) Glad you enjoyed it. And cool for finding that sign that spells your name right!

Irma said...

You are right...she is looking so much more like a toddler than an baby. She is so adorable and we love her dearly.