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25 September 2011

Happy One Month Birthday, Sydney

Oh Sweet Sydney,

Today you turn one month old!  Time is moving way too quickly already.  It seems like it was only last week that we were bringing you home from the hospital.  {And, I still haven't had a chance to write down the labor story yet -- I will soon.}

You are seriously the SWEETEST baby.  You are so, SO good.  We couldn't have asked for a better baby.  We've had A LOT going on since you arrived {even before} and we are so lucky that you are the kind of baby who can just go with the flow.

When you turned three weeks old, we packed up our house in California and moved out to Arizona to be closer to your Nana and Poppy.  Your Nana and I brought you and Olivia in our car and took a two day trip bringing you girls {and Magnum too} out here.  You were such a good little traveler.  We did have one little screamfest right as we hit L.A. traffic and you were ready to nurse.  I pulled off on the closest exit and turned into the first parking lot I could find.  It turns out it was a fairly popular restaurant and the parking attendant wanted me to pay to park for 20 minutes to feed you.  I won't go into the details, but your Nana was NOT happy with that man and told him there was a special place for people like him.  Despite his attitude, I got you fed and we were all much happier once we got back on the road.

I can already tell that you love being out here.  There is always an extra set of hands around ready and willing to hold you.

You have been eating and sleeping like a CHAMP!  There have been many nights where you have only woken up once to nurse and you have never woken up more than twice.  You are still sleeping in the little Snuggle Nest between us, but I may switch you into the Pack & Play soon.  Your crib just seems way too far away from me for now.

I took you into the pediatrician on Friday and you have grown an inch already and weigh almost 2 pounds more than you did when you were born.  You are already up to 9 pounds, 9 ounces!  Hooray for you.  And, speaking of eating,  today your sister attempted to nurse you herself!

The doctor also gave us some medication for your case of baby acne.  It has broken my heart seeing the little bumps all over your face.  The two nights before we went in, you were very fussy and I have a feeling it was because they were bothering you.  Your face is starting to clear up and you haven't fussed at all since we started putting the medicine on. 

You are starting to smile and coo and look more like a baby and less like a newborn.  Your sister loves you to pieces and it is so cute to hear her say, "Hiiii Sugar" or "Hey Syd."  But, I am telling you what.  I can already picture the drama we are going to have in this house with two girls because as it is right now, once one of you starts crying, the other one follows suit immediately.  I am looking forward to the day when those copy cat sounds are of laughter instead of cries.

We are so happy that you are finally here.  You are the perfect addition to our family - we love you SO much.  And, I am ending this little letter right here so I can go and snuggle with you for awhile!

Happy One Month Birthday, Sydney!


Mom Cooper said...

Sydney, I can't believe you are one month old already. I am so blessed to have you and your big sister (your mom and dad and Magnum too) live so close by. I have seen you every day of your first month and I see so many changes already. But hey, slow down and stay a little baby for awhile longer. Looking forward to what you have to show us in this next month tho.

Birthday Hugs,

Mom Cooper said...

oooops it should have said Nana!!

Marissa said...

*Sigh* Wish I could be closer so I could love on these girls too!