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20 September 2011

Two Days Late...

...that is, if I finish this post tonight.  Not sure that's going to happen.  But, I want to still try and document some of Olivia's monthly birthdays.

{And, this is as far as I got last night since my friend, Jill, who lives in Guam hopped on to FB chat and distracted me.  Read about her latest drama here and say an extra prayer for her and her family, please and thank you.}

Anyway, I wanted to document a few of Olivia's latest antics on here.  Lord Have Mercy, she can be so funny sometimes!  So, here we go with the bullet points again.

-- When Sydney gets the hiccups, Olivia will say, "Does she have the hook-ups?"

-- Sydney's black stub from the umbilical cord really seemed to bother Olivia.  {To be honest, it bothered all of us.}  If Sydney would cry when I changed her diaper, Olivia would say, "Does she not like her belly button?"

-- Sometime last week we were all sitting down together for dinner.  Strangely, David was without a glass of wine with his meal.  Olivia asked him if he wanted to have some wine with his dinner and he said that no, he didn't.  All of a sudden, Olivia started SOBBING hysterically.  Through her tears, we could decipher this, "I want Daddy to drink his wiiiiinnne!"  He gladly obliged.

-- And, speaking of tears, the other day I put Magnum away while we went to run some errands.  Olivia began sobbing again and begging for him to be able to roam about the house instead of being cooped up.  Magnum, you owe her one.

-- 2011 marks the first year that I haven't seen a DMB show since 1994.  So, we have been listening to a lot of DMB music lately.  Olivia is a pro at naming the songs and even has special requests for certain ones.  Her favorite is American Baby.  See videos here and here.

-- Sometimes Olivia will request that we sing her {or Sydney} songs, but she will usually say the whole song instead of just the, "Can you sing me The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Up The Water Spout, Down Came The Rain and Washed The Spider Out, please."

-- Olivia is STILL obsessed with my Do Not Disturbs, but now when she holds on to them, they tend to leak milk.  She does NOT like that at all and so the other day at naptime when her hand got wet, she quickly wiped it off and said, "I think I'll just hold on to your neck."  Good idea, Babe.

-- Olivia's most recent favorite book is the Berenstein Bears Go Out West which we've been reading with a western accent.  Olivia does a pretty good job recreating that accent.  Listen to her say it here.

Happy 25 Months, Olivia!


Mom Cooper said...

I love every minute with her, even when she refuses to take a much needed nap.

Poppy and Nana are so happy to have you and your sister, Mommy and Daddy so close to us.

Irma said...

I love reading about how her personality is developing! What a hoot she is...and I see she has her Daddy wrapped around her finger...a couple of times! Love her to pieces!

Marissa said...

Oh my heavens, I burst out laughing with the "I'll just hold your neck" thing! That girl cracks me up! :)