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02 September 2011

Brain Dump

I really was hoping to be able to sit down this evening and type a cohesive post catching everyone up on the last few days, but honestly, after loading up the few pictures I've managed to take, I am realizing that my brain is just fried.  I'm thinking it might be time for some bullet points.

-- We've had two play dates for Olivia (and Sydney too) over the last two days.  Yesterday we met up with Kendall and her baby sister, Katelyn, at Chumash Park and this afternoon Jacob and his baby brother, William, came down to our house to play.  I think it has been really good for Olivia to see her friends and burn off some energy.  Sadly, with all those kiddos occupying our hands, I never got any pictures of her playing with them.  I did snap a couple of her though.

-- We took Sydney up to her first Farmers Market in SLO yesterday evening and she slept through the entire thing.  Of course, I had to feed her in the parking lot before we left for home.  Yesterday was her one week birthday and in that short week's time, I had already nursed her in 3 different parking lots.  

-- We had our first family picture taken in front of the Mission.  Well, it wasn't exactly our first one, but it's the first one I'll allow the public to see.  Just like a zillion pictures of Olivia when she was a baby, Sydney is hidden inside the Ergo.

-- Sydney is SUCH a good baby.  She sleeps so much and is just so laid-back.  I'm actually afraid to write this down because I am afraid I am going to jinx it.  She does AWESOME in the car and I'm really looking forward to listening to music instead of white noise on future car trips.  {Olivia HATED the car seat and pretty much cried non-stop whenever we went anywhere in the car.  Listening to a vacuum cleaner on repeat was about the only thing that would make her stop crying.}

-- I am becoming a co-sleeping convert.  Since Sydney's 3rd night home, she has been sleeping in the bed with us in a little contraption called a Snuggle Nest.  We used it with Olivia when we traveled with her when she was a newborn.  Thinking back on it, she always slept really well with it too.  Sydney has been sleeping for 3 to 3 1/2 hour stretches at night, which means I'm only waking 2 times to feed her.  Plus, she is right next to me and I can sleep peacefully knowing I can reach right over to check on her anytime I want.  The sweetest thing is when I wake up to see her completely encircled between me and David {and Magnum too}.

See that Snuggle Nest right next to the girls?  Now, see David sleeping next to it too?  You'd think HE was getting up in the middle of the night too.  ;)

-- Squishy faces are my favorite!

It's bedtime for all of us, so I'm signing off.
Happy Friday from the Central Coast!

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Jillian said...

Even though it is a real pAin in the arse to comment from my phone and there will be lots of errors (I can't fix them when I do it this way) I had to comment. Yay for cosleeping! It's the way moms and babies slept for thousands of years and I for one love it!
They are both so precious, you make me want another one now! ( we have had a ROUGH couple days with our two girls and Jeremy and I are both hesitant for another now. But....SQUISHY FACE!!!! who can resist it's powers?!?!
Love you guys!