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02 May 2012

Badda Bing Badda Boom

You guys, we have been busy little boogers since we got back from {oh yeah, I'm going to mention it a couple more times} Disneyland!  My never-clean house can attest for that one.  You'd think that since we are rarely home the house would always stay clean.  But, I think it has to get clean first before it can stay that way.  When we rush out in the mornings, we don't always have time to get the house all cleaned up before we go. And honestly, by the time we have put the girls to bed, neither of us really feel like cleaning.  {And, my favorite excuse to myself, I don't want to make a lot of noise and wake the baby!}  I'm thankful that a lot of the times, David helps out with dishes and putting things away.  Thank you, husband!

This happened while I was nursing Sydney.

{Every once in awhile at least one room gets cleaned. That one was done by me.}

So, anyway, I've got lots of catching up to do and you know that means lots of pictures too.  So, here goes one of my favorite catch-up posts.

+  Last Thursday, we had a little outdoor painting party with celery hearts and bell pepper tops.

{And, you know, a whole lotta mess}

+  On Friday, we met up with my friend Liz and her two kiddos at the Phoenix Zoo.  Highlights of the trip were the carousel rides {on the elephant, duh} and seeing the elephants.  Oh, and buying a stuffed elephant on the way out.  See a theme here?  Any guesses as to what Olivia's favorite animal is?

Brooklyn and Olivia: Carousel Buddies

My little Mini-Me being her ever-so-angelic self.  
Love this sweet girl so much.

And, my little adventure guide figuring out how to get to the elephants.

I'm such a sucker.  But, she loves that Mrs. Jumbo so...

+  We got home late from the zoo {ie, too late for Olivia to take a nap} and so it was essential to get out of the house during the witching hour.  The evenings here have been gorgeous, so we decided to try Sydney out in the Chariot with Olivia {even though I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be a year old before biking with them,  we figured a leisurely ride to the playground would be okay }.  We had a blast and Sydney loved being in the trailer!  {Forgive me for the zillion pictures of the evening, but we were having fun!}

This is going to be so much fun.  And, I LOVE the flat terrain.

Speaking of flat, would you look at that stomach.  

He skipped the gym and did his workout at the playground.

+  On Saturday, we went to a fun pirate birthday party for Olivia's little friend, Michael.  Marsha had tons of food set out for the kiddos and Olivia spied some cereal in her pantry and insisted on eating that for dinner.  Oh that girl.

She loved her tattoos.

And, guess who placed herself front and center for cupcakes and presents?

Happy Birthday, sweet Michael.
{I love how Michael calls Olivia, LeeWah}

+ And, finally, on Sunday we met up with Liz again at Desert Breeze for a little splash pad/playground/carousel/train ride action.

We entertained ourselves with cell phone self-portraits during the extra 20 minutes it took us to get there due to passing the exit and not realizing it until 10 miles later when we were almost in Scottsdale.  Oops.  
{And, no, I wasn't driving and taking pictures...David was.}

+  Lord, that catches me up through the weekend.  I know we've done stuff this week, but for the life of me the only thing I can think of is the Children's Museum on Tuesday with Poppy {pictures to come}, lots of swimming, and Storytime today at the library.  It's late and my mommy brain is ready for bed.  So, to be continued...

Oh, and Doug, I am still waiting on my birthday present.
How many gifts must I give to you before mine arrives?!


Poppy said...


Wonderful blog Sis. Great pics, loved reading it.


Doug Johnson said...

I will mail your gift after I smoke this cigarette.

Mom Cooper said...

Amanda, you have your priorities right. Your children and husband should come before cleaning your house. I say as long as the kids are fed, clean and happy ok fed and happy, nothing else matters. You are such an amazing mother. One of these days I'm going to do an A-Z on all your wonderful qualities. SO for now, don't worry about a messy house, grab some clothes out of the dryer. dress those kids, and head out the door to do all those exciting adventures you take those two precious baby girls on.

Besides, if you stayed home all day and had a clean house, your blogs would be so booooooring!

Irma said...

Messy house means happy kids. You only live once!