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07 May 2012

Fluff + Lace + Ribbons + Frills

Today was our Fluff, Lace, Ribbons & Frills class.  It is such a cute class.  Miss Kathy reads a girlie little story and then we do a craft or two that goes along with it.  Today, she read Mattie's Hats Won't Wear That and then the girls decorated little paper hats that she had already shaped.  I love being able to do arts and crafts somewhere else and not making a big mess at home.  {Didn't I just say something similar to that yesterday?}

Rockin' the Ostrich Festival t-shirt to keep clean.

Showing off her hat.

I've been searching the new class schedule and trying to plan out some classes for our summer.  There are so many different classes offered - art, music, dance, sports, swim, gymnastics - and I know there are so many that she will love.  My mom is going to do some classes with her and David will too, so there is a lot to juggle.  And, it's important we write down the schedules correctly so we don't have another mishap like tonight.  We thought we had a swim class, but when we got to the pool, it was locked up.  Ooops.  Good thing there was a playground nearby.

Olivia and David racing.

She won!

And, David's asleep in Olivia's bed again, so I'm off to wake him up.  Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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Irma said...

Where can I sign up for this class!?! Maybe they won't be able to tell that I am slightly over the age limit! Wouldn't that be fun!?!