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06 May 2012

Wookie Wookie

Well, if it isn't another photo dump/week recap post.  Just call me Little Miss Originality.  Sorry, folks, but it is 10:00 and I'm a tired Mama.  I found myself telling David that I wanted to nap this weekend, and while he took THREE, I took none.  Not that I'm bitter or anything - just tired.

+  As promised, a few pictures from the Children's Museum.  A week ago Friday we were going to go to the Children's Museum, but changed it to the zoo at the last minute.  Bless her soul, she had her little heart set on doing the shopping carts there and asked all weekend long to go.  Poppy graciously went with us last Tuesday and even crawled through the giant "tree house" structure that you couldn't pay me to go in.  Especially considering there were a gazillion field trip kids pushing their way through.  Thank you, Poppy.

Such the healthy shopper.

Workin' at the car wash, yeah.
{She looks so grown up here.}

+  We've been playing a lot of princess/dress up lately.  Olivia does the cutest thing where she curtseys for like A MINUTE.  Anyway, our old neighbor, Leslie, got Olivia this dress that she found on clearance at Target after the holidays and Olivia deemed it perfect for a princess dress.  So nice of Daddy to take a break from work to play the king.

+  On Friday, we met up with Liz & Company at a little place called Toy Town.  Toy Town has tons of toys and playhouses for kids to play in.  So nice to make a mess somewhere and not have to clean it up!

+  We met Liz for storytime at the library on Wednesday and checked out two culture passes to the Arizona Science Center.  Our library does this awesome program where you can check out a pass for two people to go to a specific museum for free.  So, on Saturday, we decided to use our passes.  The museum was full of really cool exhibits and while David probably enjoyed it the most, there were tons of fun things for Olivia too.

Getting ready to get our science on!

Loved this - right as you walked in, there was a giant telescope {with a camera on the lens} and then hanging from the ceiling was another telescope that showed whatever was in front of the camera.  So cute seeing my big girl's eye on the big screen.

A fun water exhibit outside.

Learning about erosion.....or, um, playing in the mud.

There was a cool shadowbox exhibit.  Loved this little collage.

+  After the museum, we walked through downtown Phoenix and found a cute little restaurant to have a quick bite outside before heading home.  

Snapped that picture at just the right time.

Oh my heavens.  Love this sweet angel.

+  We rushed home because we were going to a little surprise going away party for my aunt and uncle. They only live here during the winter months and are heading back to Ohio this week.  We are really going to miss seeing them all the time.

Happy Cinco de Bye-Yo!

+  And, finally, today was full of lots of house cleaning {on my part} and napping {on David's part}.  We were finally able to cash in on another one of our 12 pre-paid dates and got our couple's pedicures! David had a little difficulty handling the buffing, but enjoyed it nonetheless.  Can't wait for our next one!

Wish I'd taken a picture of my pretty Cajun Shrimp toesies.

+  When we got home, our girls were happy little campers playing with Nana and Poppy.  Olivia wanted to dress up again and play princess.  She asked to be Princess Kate and so I pulled out my wedding veil for her to try on.  I'm so glad I snapped this picture, because it was a moment I hope I never forget.

She asked if Poppy would marry her and he asked how to do that.  She said, I hold the flowers, we hold hands and walk out the door and the people clap for us.  So that's what we did.  Be still my heart.

And, the cutest baby princess you ever did see!

+ LawdHaveMercy.  An hour later and I'm all caught up.  Better go wake this big guy up.

He falls asleep 5 out of 7 nights when he puts Olivia to bed.

Happy Sunday!


Mom Cooper said...

Busy few days (as always). Again, loved the blog and pictures. BTW I'm just checking but is David sucking his thumb whilst sleeping in Olivia's bed? Just askin'??

Poppy said...

Neat blog Sis! The girls are very fortunate that you can do all this things. Plus, your unlimited amount of energy amazes me.

I guess thats why young people have kids!

You and David do a wonderful job with the girls. We are indeed very proud of you kids.

Love you so much!

Irma said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Olivia in the bridal veil! Oh my...I certainly hope I am around for years to come to be present for the real thing (but don't want to hurry anything along). And my heart melted seeing baby princess Sydney. Well, truth be told, my heart melts anytime I see the girls photos.