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11 February 2013

Bowl, Baby, Bowl

It's always nice when we can get out of the house on a Friday or Saturday night and do something fun as a family.  I know David loves to hit up a Chuck E. Cheese or Amazing Jake's {because he likes to play video games?}, but our girls were sick for almost two weeks after going to Amazing Jake's.  Coincidence?  Probably.  But, I didn't feel like taking a chance.  So, I suggested an evening of bowling.   {Because sticking your hand in a ball that a zillion other people have stuck their hands in is better?!}  We traded Sydney for Poppy and so Olivia had lots of personal instruction!

Love my big girl.

I also took my big camera with me and got a couple fun pictures of her putting her face above the vent on the ball return.

Who knew bowling could be so fun?!  
Next up?  Rollerskating!


Mom Cooper said...

Looks like fun for YOU GUYS. Syd and I enjoyed our time at home doing our thing. HA Glad you all had a good time. Who knew Poppy was such a good bowler.

Poppy said...

I had a wonderful time bowling with you kids. Brought back memories of our teacher bowling league. HA That was a while ago. Olivia was great and Sis you did great as well. DAvid really improved the second game after a little coaching tip. :)

Love you guys!