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17 February 2013

Poppy's Birthday Girl

Today marks Olivia's 46 month birthday.  In two months, the sweet baby who made me a mother is going to be FOUR years old.

At this stage in her life, Olivia's imagination is out of this world.  It always has been -- she's always been great at playing creatively with her toys, but I feel like recently she's taken it to a whole new level!

One of Olivia's favorite things is a Sofia the First app on the iPad that allows her to pick different characters and accessories for a puppet show that she is able to narrate and record.  At first, her stories were more along the lines of, "There once was a girl and a mom and she had a chair and a fan..." but they have gotten a lot better and she's actually telling stories with the characters.  I love them...and I love being able to go back and listen to them all.

This afternoon, we celebrated her birthday by following Poppy while he played in a shootout.  She had so much fun gathering "flowers" and pinecones and making a pinecone salad.  And she was so proud of her Poppy who came in second place!

She sure is her Poppy's girl.

Happy 46 Months, Big Girl.


Mom Cooper said...

And Poppy loves his girl too. I now he wants to teach her how to play golf one of these days.

Can't believe my baby girl will 4 in a couple of months. Oh me, oh my.

Poppy said...

Yes, I do if she ants to play. I truly enjoyed having my girls there today to support me. It was special.

I Love all my girls.