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03 February 2013

Oh You Know, Just Another Catch Up Post...

Yikes -- I took a bit of a blogger break there, didn't I?  David was out of town for the week and both girls were sick.  {And, then I got addicted to watching Homeland on my laptop while Olivia snuggled up and slept beside me.}  And blogging took a bit of a backseat.'s a little catch up for you {in no particular order...because the days just blurred together.}

While David was gone, Mom & Dad helped me with the girls and helped me {attempt to} organize their clothes & toys.  I was also able to organize the hall closet and finally put away all of the Christmas stuff.  Although I keep finding Christmas things all over the house that should have been put up...does that happen to anyone else?  Dad also mopped our floors.  They are too good to us.

Look at that Poppy...riding my bike with the seat entirely too low to take Olivia to the playground.

B-Dubs!  Olivia had to take her {my} two Cabbage Patch kids with her and put them in the highchair while we ate.

And, we hit up the Texas Roadhouse.  Always easier to make a mess somewhere else for dinner as long as the adult to child ration is at least 3:2.

While David was in Palo Alto, I had him spend a good portion of one of his days running some errands for me.  I've mentioned before that Olivia's friend, Tessa, had a bone marrow transplant and is in the Stanford Hospital.  Before he left, I put together a little care package with lots of cut out hearts to show Tessa how much we love her.  After dropping her package off, David headed over to West Elm with my copy of a Young House Love book and got it signed by John & Sherry for me!  

Sweet guy because you know he had NO idea who they were.  

Well, I couldn't stop at cutting out those hearts, so each of my girls got a heart wall in their room.  I love it and it's for sure staying up longer than just Valentine's Day.

We were super happy to have David back, but after driving straight through for 14+ hours, he was exhausted.  I did my best to keep the girls from pestering him on his first day back, so I broke out the paint and tried a new art project with Olivia.  It was pretty fun.

Yesterday, David made up for lost time with the girls and took them to a fun playground for lots of rough housing.  While Sydney slept, David took her to the Groundhog Day Fun at Lisa's Creatures.  That baby alpaca just may have to come home with us.

{We're almost done here...} This morning we headed out to the zoo for a couple of hours to get out of the house and burn off some energy.  Olivia wanted to push her baby stroller through the zoo, but that lasted about 5 minutes total {including the time it took us to get out of the car}.  Thank goodness for our double stroller.

My little pink flamingo.

Look how long her hair is getting!

If you have stuck with us for this long, Thank You!  You must really love us.
I promise I'll try not to go so long in between blog posts.


Poppy said...

I love your post Sis, no matter how long they are. Keep'em coming!

Love them girls to the moon and back!


Mom Cooper said...

Busy, fun times. I'm glad you put your girls first. Such a fun time with them now. You are a good Mommy.