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21 June 2013

Father's Day 2013

I'm just going to admit this little-known fact about me...I'm awful at Father's Day gifts.  Or maybe any gifts?  I don't know... I just know I sort of dropped the ball this year as far as Father's Day went for David and my dad.

David was out of town for work the entire week before Father's Day and my parents were busy preparing for their drive to Indiana all while trying to move furniture out/around their house to get it ready for all new tile to be installed while they are gone.  So, I didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare.  Shopping for cards and gifts with my two girls is just not easy and so that just didn't get done. I can't print things off of my computer so I didn't get to Pinterest up anything cute before David came back.

I did however, plan a small getaway to Flagstaff to hang out with friends and escape the triple-digit heat.  That's got to count for something, right?

We headed up Saturday morning for a little overnight stay at the cabin of our friend's in-laws and it was just as perfect as could be.  The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was just beautiful.  Those pines make it hard to feel like you are in Arizona...  We had a blast just doing nothing but hanging out outdoors {in the summertime!}, playing games and exploring the land.  When we win the lottery, I'm buying a second house up here!

That's a little playhouse.  And, can you spy Sydney?

Michael has a pet hamster named Pixie.  She was a cutie.  

This is our new favorite game. 
{And, there's not even a princess involved!}

David was able to go out on a hike on Saturday and a little bike ride Saturday night.  On Sunday, he took the cruiser out with the two littlest girls and pulled them around town.  It's amazing that he was able to pull the trailer uphill on a gravel road in just that cruiser.  

Having a snack after their ride.

We headed home about 24 hours after getting there so that we could hang out with my dad on his special day too.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of him, but I did get a few cute ones of David with his girls.

We are a lucky bunch of girls!

My mom scanned this picture of my dad with my papaw and I just love it.  My pappaw was the sweetest man and he was just my favorite person.  I'm so lucky that my girls have their poppy and I know they feel the exact same way about him that I felt about my pappaw.


Poppy said...

That is a beautiful A-frame.

Mom Cooper said...

Sweet post. I agree your Pappaw was one special person. I will always remember the words spoken at his funeral about him. "He was a gentleman and a gentle man." He sure did love his grandchildren, but you Amanda, had a special place in his heart like none of the others. I too am glad that your girls have such a great relationship with their Poppy Cooper.