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05 July 2013

Ummm, Yeah

I promised to be a better blogger in June, and, well, I went from 7 posts in May down to 5 posts in June.  I feel like I should apologize, but honestly, I don't really owe anyone an apology.  We have been busy and I have been single parenting and you know, as my dad says, what it is, what it is.

So, yeah, the last of June {and the beginning of July} was pretty busy.  Since October, we have been planning a monthlong trip to San Luis Obispo to housewatch/housecrash for our friends Maren and Michael while they take their two sweet girls on a vacation to Canada.  But, of course, I didn't start preparing for the trip back then.  Oh no, I waited until a few days before we left.  But, we got it done and we are here and it is wonderful and it will be blogged about, but just not tonight.  Tomorrow's going to be Sydney's 22 month birthday and then I'll catch everyone up on our trip.  Tonight, your going to get a little catch-up on what we did before we left.

➹ The girls got haircuts...and suckers and toys that pop. And I got to dress them in coordinating Liberty of London outfits. ➹

➹ I packed and cleaned and did laundry for about 3 days straight.  Magnum found new beds all over the house. ➹

➹ Liv had a Pajamas and Teddy Bears day at summer camp. ➹

➹ So, of course both girls needed matching jammies even though only
 one of them was going to class. ➹

➹ Liv had Luau Day at summer camp and {yet again} both girls got in on the action.  Oh how I love a theme! ➹

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Poppy said...

Beautiful little girls for sure!