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22 April 2014

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Olivia was very specific in her requests for her birthday celebrations.  She wanted to have a friend party and a family party, and at her family party, she wanted Nana to make spaghetti.  A girl wants spaghetti, a girl gets spaghetti!  Especially when she turns five!

Our house was in full-on party prep mode for her neighborhood party on Saturday, so Nana happily offered up her house for dinner.  We brought the ice cream cake!!

➹ A five year old attitude! ➹

➹ Her birthday table! ➹

I love this series of pictures of Olivia opening her card from her Poppy.  He gave her a gift card for a date with him to the movie theatre {with popcorn and an icee too}!  She was so excited, and she told him that she wanted to see the Pirate Fairy movie which she has seen 5 times already! 

Sydney got Olivia a Tinkerbell music box that Olivia has been wanting for forever.  She had no idea she was getting it and was so pleased with Sydney's choice of a gift.  

➹ Smooshy faced hug! ➹

I think she had a great night - she loved the art box we gave her, the Pirate Fairy doll my mom gave her, the watercolor set from her great Aunt Linda,  and she is excited to go to her Storybook Ballet dance camp this summer thanks to her Grandma and Poppa!  She is one lucky girl to be loved by so many, that is for sure!

➹ Is there anything better than a DQ ice cream cake? ➹


Mom Cooper said...

Special night for a special 5 year old. Love this girl so much. Can't wait to see what all she accomplishes this year. Beginning with starting Kindergarten!!

Poppy said...

What a very special 5 year old birthday party. But, hey, she is a special little 5 year old. Love the Sydney pics as well. Poor old poppy looks like he got beat up in a couple of pics.

Love those girls!