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02 April 2014

Getting' Our Renaissance On

A couple of Sundays ago, we packed the kids up and headed out to the Renaissance Festival.  It only ran on the weekends and was only going to run through the end of March, and this was pretty much our last chance to check it out.

We should have known that the day was going to be a little rocky when the morning started off with a giant temper tantrum over a donut.  But, we trekked on and got to enjoy a little bit of the festival before another tantrum ensued.  And, you know, in keepinitreal, we'll always remember this adventure as the one where David carried Olivia kicking and screaming out of the Renaissance Festival.

➹ This face here?  We saw this one a lot that day. ➹

➹ This ride was so cool.  It was completely powered by the "pirates." ➹

➹ This may have been the reason I was so excited to go to the festival.  GREYHOUNDS! ➹

➹ These acrobats were amazing! That's a kid they pulled from the audience!  How lucky was he?! ➹

➹ My sweet little girl!  She'd make a brave knight for sure! ➹

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

It looks like a fun experience. Maybe too overwhelming!! Maybe next year.