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26 April 2014

My Fierce Five Year Old

My Dear Girl,

A few weeks ago, you told your Nana that you couldn't wait to turn five because then you were going to be a handful.  {Meaning, showing your age would take all five fingers.}  Little did you know that you already are a handful.  You are feisty and spirited and quick to respond.  You are loyal and passionate and creative.  Your love for drawing and writing has grown leaps and bounds over the past year, and I am so proud of how much you have learned.  

Your sister looks up to you so much, and nothing brings my heart nearer to explosion than when the two of you are playing sweetly together.  Your latest thing with her is to crawl into the big chair in her room and read her stories before bed.  I have no doubt that she will always look up to you, and I hope that you always take the responsibility of leading and guiding her seriously.

Oh Olivia, we love you so very much.  We love listening to you sing and we love watching you dance.  And, while there are days where hearing you say, "Pretend you were my..." for the 100th time is more than we can take, we are always amazed by your imagination.  

Keep blossoming and growing and changing into the strong, brave, beautiful young girl you are becoming. 

Love Always,
Your Mommy

Favorite color:  pink
Favorite toy:  Pirate Fairy doll
Favorite Stuffed Animal:  Ellie the Elephant
Favorite Thing to Sleep With:  Pillow Pet Dream Light {Unicorn}
Favorite Fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries
Favorite Cereal:  Cheerios
Favorite Breakfast:  Toast with butter & sprinkles {cinnamon sugar}
Favorite Lunch:  Quesadilla
Favorite Dessert:  Ice cream sandwich or Cool Whip
Favorite Drink:  Sprite {which she has had maybe 5 times in her life}
Favorite Animal:  Elephants, horses, and unicorns
Favorite Song:  Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield
Favorite Book:  The Ballerina Princess
Favorite Game:  Guess Who
Favorite TV Show:  My Little Pony
Favorite Movies:  The Pirate Fairy, Secret of the Wings, and Frozen
Favorite Thing to do Outside:  Swing on the swings
Best Friends:  Kendall and Brooke
What She Wants To Be When She Grows Up:  A unicorn or horse trainer

As is customary, I made a birthday slideshow for Olivia.  If  you've got an extra 15 minutes and love seeing {even more} pictures of her, this is the video for you!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh my precious grand daughter, there are no words to describe how much joy you have brought me in your short five years. You are a combination of your Mom and Dad in both looks and personality. Nana is your biggest fan and supporter and I look forward to seeing the things you will accomplish this year now that you are a "handful"!!

Love you better than a cat loves cream.


Poppy said...

Ditto what Nana said! :)