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10 October 2014

Ohhhhhh, Maui {Days 1 & 2}

I'm not going to surprise anyone here by warning you that these Hawaii posts are going to be a bit picture-heavy, am I?  Didn't think so.  I didn't even take my big camera with this trip because it's in the shop, but between the 5 of us adults, I think we managed to take enough cell phone pictures to get it covered.

So, yeah, another trip to Hawaii.  Life is hard when you are the Michelson girls.  We realized that this is the 3rd Hawaii trip for Olivia {and she's only 5} and 2nd for Sydney {and she's barely 3}.  I've been 4 times in the last 3 years {and had never been before that}, we are starting to get the hang of things there.  And, by golly, I think this was the best Hawaii trip to date.

The girls are at a great age for traveling and our location was nice and secluded, with just the right number of kids and lots of privacy.  We were able to relax a lot of the time, but also enjoyed a few different adventures along the way.

Our trip over was pretty uneventful -- David got the travel hiccups out of the way right in the beginning by leaving his cell phone in the car and having to take the shuttle back to get it while we checked our bags and then on the plane, he spilled his noodle soup all over the iPad and Sydney's seat so we had to get her cushion swapped out.  {Sorry, babe, just had to tell....}  But, hey, Olivia was FABULOUS.  She sat with Uncle Rhino and colored and read and played cards {all within the first 5 minutes because she had been SO excited about all of the things we packed in her backpack}.  I had printed off some little Hawaii coloring books and put together a few little treat bags with the books, stickers and crayons in case there were other little kids around us.  She had fun passing those out before we took off.  Sydney did alright on the way out.  Both girls came down with croup before we left and let's just say Sydney on steroids is not the ideal flying situation, but we all survived!

➹  This pretty much sums up Sydney's 6 hours on the plane. ➹ 

I think the first night we just went to a little brewery about a mile up the street from our condo.  It was quick, easy, and delicious and was the perfect place for the girls.  After dinner, Dad and I walked the girls back to our condo while the rest of the crew hit up the grocery store.  

➹ Our first sunset.  I thought I was packing light this trip, but honestly, I should have just packed swimsuits and these dresses. ➹ 

Our first full day in Maui was just perfect.  We spent a relaxing morning on the beach sort of laying out our plans for the week and letting the girls dig in the sand and play in the ocean.  I really loved where our condo was because it felt so secluded.  For the most part, we were the only people on the beach -- so easy to keep an eye on the girls that way.

After spending a good chunk of the day at the beach, we headed into Lahaina town for the Old Lahaina Luau.  Stay tuned for a post on that soon!

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Mom Cooper said...

Even tho some of us got sick from one degree to another, I think this Hawaii vaca was one of the best. I loved our place and it's surroundings. I think everyone got to do and see things they hadn't done or seen before. I want someone to make a book.