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29 October 2014

Sydney's First Preschool Picture

Sydney's school picture came back last week, and I just love it!  She did such a great job smiling and looking at the camera!  We are lucky that we ended up with a school picture for her because she almost didn't get it taken.  She and her little BFF in her class were sent to go get their pictures taken and somehow, someway, they managed to NOT get them taken at all.  My mom picked her up from school that day and when she asked Sydney if she'd had her picture taken, she told her that she hadn't.    Mom checked, and sure enough, she hadn't.

Anyway, I love this sweet picture and I love that sweet girl even more!

Also, I should probably note, that she has three striped dresses (two exactly like this) and at the time of school pictures, they were her favorite.  It's probably not what I would have chosen for her to wear, but I'm glad she did.  I want to remember how much she loved (and actually still does) her "rainbow dress."  

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