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10 October 2014

Ohhhhhh, Maui {The Luau}

In our various trips to Hawaii, we have done three different luaus.  The first was to Paradise Cove and the second was to Germaine's, both on Oahu.  The thing with those luaus is that you have to board a giant tour bus and sit in traffic for {what feels like} hours before getting to your destination.  Paradise Cove was great, with lots of activities to do before the show, but Germaine's was not as good in my opinion.  {But, maybe I was just over it after trying to keep two kids busy on a tour bus.}  

Anyway, the Old Lahaina Luau was probably 15 minutes from our condo and we were able to drive there with no traffic and park right in the lot.  That earned them a few stars right there!  This luau was probably my favorite of the three, especially factoring that in.  They had lots of activities beforehand and the food and dancing were amazing.  

Before the actual luau began, the girls learned about the instruments used, did a little hawaiian bowling, and watched the pig get uncovered.  {Sydney did NOT like that.  At one point, she grabbed my face in her hands and made sure I was looking directly at her when she said, "Dose people want to eat dat pig! And dat is not good!"}  We were all given leis and thank goodness for those purple orchids, because that was pretty much all Olivia ate while we were there.  She sat down front with David during the dancing and when she came back up, her lei had NO flowers left on it!  David got a little concerned when he looked down at it and had to google if she could OD on orchids.  {She couldn't, thankfully.}

Want to see some pictures?  Here ya go:

➹  She was a pro at tapping these rocks together! ➹ 

➹  What a view! ➹ 

➹  You can thank me for not showing you what's under these leaves! ➹ 

➹  You would think the dessert tray would be my favorite, but I didn't care for anything on that tray.➹ 

➹  This was her snack for the rest of the week!  Ha. ➹ 

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I agree, this luau was the best one ever! The pictures are good, I don't care what you used to take them. Fun times.