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30 April 2015

Fairytale Night -- My Very Own Alice in Wonderland

Olivia's kindergarten class has been working on nursery rhymes and fairytales for the last couple of months, and we've known about fairytale night - a night where the kids would dress in character and sing songs for friends and family - at school since last fall.  For months, Olivia talked about being Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  Honestly, I was thrilled.  I couldn't imagine a more perfect character for her to dress up as.

I searched all sorts of sites for Alice costumes, and finally settled on one I thought was cute, comfortable, and close to the original design of the dress in the movie.  I thought the name of the Etsy shop was familiar, and upon taking a closer look, I realized she was the same woman who made Olivia's Dorothy dress!

Olivia prepared for Fairytale Night by watching Alice in Wonderland as many times as possible.  For her birthday, her friend Riley gave her a dress made from an Alice in Wonderland t-shirt, so she wore that to school the day of the performance.

I absolutely LOVED how her costume/dress turned out.  She looked so cute in it, and truly looked just like Alice!  So, naturally, we had to do a little photo shoot before the show.  :)  And, how cute does Sydney look in her little Cheshire Cat skirt?!  {She kept calling it her Chester the Cat skirt!}

➹ Love my girls! ➹

Olivia did such a great job in the performance!  She sang her songs, did her movements, and seemed right at home up on the stage.  I'm so proud of my little actress!  


Poppy said...

Awesome pics Sis. I can't believe this was our first official school function for Olivia. The first of many I hope for us and those beautiful girls.

Love those sweet girls.


Mom Cooper said...

It was a wonderful night of Kindergarten fun. Took me back a few ok a lot of years to some of my kindergarten programs.

Olivia was the most beautiful Alice in Wonderland I have ever seen. Sydney made a cute "Chester the Cat" too.

It was a fun, fun night.