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07 April 2015

Another One of Those Hodge Podge Miscellaneous Posts

Because, let's face it, that's pretty much what all of these blog postings are anymore.  Instagram killed the blog post?  Or maybe that was two kids and crazy schedules and early mornings and school commitments and lack of sleep that did that.  Either way, we're here with pictures and commentary.  :)

➸➸ Poppy had a big week of golf with a 3-day tournament {Americans vs Canadians} and an award ceremony where he was recognized for being the Sunbird Club Champion!  Way to go, Poppy!  So, of course we had to go to support him.

➸➸  Speaking of Poppy, he had a couple special dates with Olivia last week.  He went to school for popcorn chicken lunch and dined with her and her friends, and then picked her up on Saturday for a date to the movies so they could see Home.  

➸➸  We had a great Easter Sunday.  Sadly, I didn't get a family picture, or many pictures for that matter.  But, guess what?  It was still a great day!

➹ Doll skirts made from their Liberty of London bloomers!  How cute?!  ➹
➹ She peeled three or four eggs by herself and did awesome!  That tongue had to come out though.  Ha! ➹

➸➸  And, let's end it with some cute pictures of the girls!  


Poppy said...

Wow! A great blog. I sure miss the blogs, glad you got this up. I fully understand the busy schedule. These are so great, the pics and the kids are growing up so fast. I'm just soon glad Nana and Poppy are a big part of it. We are so blessed that you all are here in Arizona with us.
Love all the pics. So darn cute these girls are. Love'em to the moon and back.


Mom Cooper said...

I totally agree with Poppy's post, we are so BLESSED to be able to be a part of the girl's life. I love doing special things and day to day things too, with them. They are growing up so fast, and getting involved in so many activities it's getting hard to keep up with them. But I'm going to keep trying because I love them better than a cat loves cream.