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23 April 2015

You Say It's Your Birthday...Well Then Have Cinnamon Rolls

Well, another year has flown by, and Olivia now needs both hands to show how old she is.  Was it really 6 years ago that I was snuggling with her in the hospital and trying to figure out how to get her to sleep??  Hmmm, let's see, some things haven't changed that much....

We had our traditional cinnamon roll breakfast, and then got the surprise of the day when Riley and her dad came over with balloons and donuts for the birthday girl!

Poppy gave Olivia a great birthday treat with a golf cart carriage ride to school!  She was so excited!

I brought Olivia a warm quesadilla for her lunch, and then dropped off some mini cupcakes for her class to enjoy that afternoon.  She felt so special, and I was so happy that she included her sister in her special day.

I knew Olivia would want to spend time with her friends that evening, so we invited the neighborhood crew over for some pool/hot tub time, pizza, birthday video, and ice cream cake.  It was such a fun afternoon, and the perfect day for my sweet six year old!

Happy 6th Birthday, Olivia!


Mom Cooper said...

Can't believe my baby girl is 6 years old. I am looking forward to all the neat things that await her in the coming year. I love this girl better than a cat loves cream.

Poppy said...

This was an awesome birthday weekend. Really enjoyed being able to share it with Olivia. Still hard to believe she is now 6 years old. But, you can see her maturity coming along with it, See can read and just is so good at so many things. So proud of her.

Love her to the moon and back.