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18 September 2016

Sydney is FIVE

I can't believe my baby is FIVE!!!!  We had a fun few days celebrating this special girl!  Her birthday fell on a Thursday this year, so she was able to celebrate with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a cake pop at school, ice cream with Poppy, and cookies with her dance class!  And, then there was that ice cream cake with the family on Friday, and her birthday cake at her party on Saturday! Whoooo, veggies the rest of the year!  ;)  

➹ It was also picture day on her birthday! Look at these cuties! ➹

➹ So, the students in her class get jobs and one of those jobs is in charge of passing out lunch boxes at lunch.  Jake, the cute boy on the right, was in charge of passing them out this particular week, and he put Sydney's lunch box next to his! ➹

➹ She LOVED this cute sleeping bag from Grandma Irma and Poppa Peter! ➹

➹ Her party and her gifts were Shimmer and Shine TASTIC! ➹

➹ Uncle Rhino got both girls mermaid outfits and they couldn't wait to try them out...even if it was in the bathtub! ➹

➹ And, I couldn't resist a little side-by-side action of me and my mini-me on our 5th birthdays! ➹

Here's to a great year, Sydney!!! 


Mom Cooper said...

My heart is so full of love for this sweet baby (oops, big) girl. She is sassy, smart, sweet, special, and Shimmeringly the best FIVE year old granddaughter a Nana could ever ask for. Sydney, you are so good for your Nana and I thank God for you daily. Love you today, tomorrow and always.

Poppy said...

These pics say it all. Love this little sweetie so much.

Love Poppy