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16 September 2016

Fun Fridays with Mommy

Now that Sydney goes to school Monday - Thursday, we have Fridays just for us.  Knowing how fast these days and years go, I am trying to take advantage of these days of just the two of us and do something special together.  So far, we have gone to the IDEA Museum, the Lego Discovery Center with Ty, a shopping and pedicure date with Mommy and Daddy, and JumpStreet trampoline park with Ty and Jake.  We've also signed up for a gymnastics class every Friday morning and she absolutely LOVES it!

➹ Pit Stop at Trader Joe's! ➹

➹ Gymnastics ➹

➹ Love these two! ➹

➹ We picked up Riley after school, swam at our house, and then went to MOD Pizza for dinner! ➹

➹ This little crew is just the BEST! ➹

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