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15 September 2016

Eight Weeks In

It is SO hard to believe that we are EIGHT weeks into the school year!  It's definitely hard going back to school in July, but I LOVE having 2 1/2 weeks off come October!

Here are a few pictures from the girls' first few weeks of school!

➹ Lunch buddies! ➹

➹ A couple of our bulletin boards we put together! ➹

➹ Red week was a favorite of mine!  #gohoosiers ➹

➹ Love these two sweet friends!!! ➹

And, I just love this picture.... Everyone in Olivia's class has a job, and they all get paid for their jobs.   The classroom has a little store where they can buy candy or little toys.  For the most part, Olivia saves her money, and when she does spend it, she spends it on coupons for things like sitting in the comfy chair or reading to her kindergarten teacher's class.  :) 

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