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02 July 2009

We're Baaaaaacccckk!

And, ready to take another trip again! Ha - not for another week.

The Michelson fam had a FABULOUS trip out east last week. Olivia did awesome on the plane rides out. Unfortunately, her mama didn't do as well. I must have come down with a 24 hour flu bug because I was miserable on the plane. I threw up numerous times. It must have been quite a site to see me toss Olivia to David everytime I felt the urge coming. Thursday night was rough, but fortunately Olivia slept in with me Friday morning and I felt much better.

We met up with Kiel and took Olivia to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Afterwards, we met up with Lauren and Meghan and headed out to dinner. We stayed out a little later than planned, but once we started gabbing, there was no stopping us!

Saturday we headed over to Baltimore and got to meet up with my friend Jill and her family. It was so great seeing them (Ellie is the CUTEST 2 year old on the face of the planet), and I was finally able to meet her new baby, Ari. I always feel like Olivia is tiny, but compared to Ari (who is 3 1/2 weeks younger), she is a giant! Unfortunately, we could not get the two babes to be content at the same time. Olivia sat there for most of the visit like a little angel while Ari nursed, but the second Ari was finished, Olivia was sleepy. So, our photo op was not the greatest. I guess it's just an excuse to get together again!

The trade show went well, but the highlight of the Baltimore trip was getting to hang out with Lauren and Meghan. We had a blast touring Baltimore with them and just hanging out. It was SO NICE for me to have some girl time too! Those two ladies were AMAZING with Olivia. I really felt comfortable having them watch her for me because I knew how much they adored her.

The plane ride back home was eventful as well, but Olivia and I both did great. I am feeling more prepared for my next solo flight with her which is to Arizona in a couple of weeks.

We go to our 2 month check up (a couple weeks late....) today, so stay tuned for some new stats!

*And, I would love to add more pictures, but I need to get ready to head to the maybe check back for more later!


Lauren said...

I love you, your baby, and your family so much it's ridiculous. Let's be family... oh waitttt, we already are. :)

We had an absolute blast with you guys and of course, Liv, and cannot wait to "lather, rinse, and repeat" many times in the future.

Irma said...

The irony...I thought Olivia would have a difficult time with the flight. Sorry you were ill. Glad you are back.