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09 July 2009

Lessons in Sharing

I'm guessing this is what it's like to have twins.

And, I am only guilty of putting him in the crib. He crawled into the Snuggle Nest (aka, on the road diaper changer) in the van on his own yesterday.


Mom Cooper said...

I hope you don't ever have to start putting a diaper on Magnum too!!!

Lauren said...

Awww, Mags looks super cute in that second picture in the Snuggle Nest... unfortunately, in the picture with Olivia he does NOT take center stage! My little love bun, I miss her!

We have determined (especially after Pepper crying incessantly while we oohed and ahhed over Liv in her presence)that we need to wait until Pepper gets old and blind and doesn't even notice before we have a baby! We don't want a jealous rival on our hands!

Marissa said...

What cute pictures! I love that Magnum is getting in on the action. Oh, and Mister saw a picture of us at your house from last summer and guess what he said. He said, "Look Mom, it's Magnum's house!" Not it's Uncle David and Auntie Amanda's house, no. It's Magnum's house. Too funny what kids remember. :)