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09 July 2009

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

We have been traveling so much lately that I am starting to think of the various hotels as our second home. Doesn't it sound more luxurious that way? For the most part, I really do enjoy the travel. It's become a little more hectic now that we have Olivia...she not only requires more packing (and, thus, unpacking and laundering), but I also know that it's not a bowl of cherries for her to be stuck in the carseat for such long stretches. But, once we arrive at our second home...not so bad.

So, for starters, we typically get our hotel rooms from If you haven't utilized that site, I HIGHLY recommend it. Hotwire gives you the general location and the star rating, but doesn't tell you the hotel name, and you typically get it for a hugely reduced price. We have been able to stay at nice 4-star hotels for generally half of the price. We have never been disappointed with a Hotwire hotel.

The hotel living is easy...why with people cleaning your rooms daily, food brought to you with the touch of a button, and FREE SHAMPOO, who would complain? Honestly though, it's not the free shampoo that gets me all excited - it's the shower caps! I have a stockpile of them at home that I take with me. Because, come on, who wants to wash and style their hair everyday? I don't. Not when there is a precious 12 week old I could be loving on.

But, there are a few things that have as of late started to boggle my mind. Why, oh why, must the TV always start on the hotel guide channel? And, if you don't give me a printed station guide somewhere near the remote, how am I supposed to know what channel So You Think You Can Dance comes on? Speaking of technologies, why is it ALWAYS the cheaper hotels that give you free internet while the hoity-toity ones charge you for it? Same with the water bottles. Six dollars for a bottle of Deer Valley water? Please. Also, whoever came up with conditioning shampoo is INSANE. And, by insane, I mean male. A shampoo cleans and a conditioner conditions. You can't have something that does both. I long ago stopped bringing my own shampoo and conditioner, so when conditioning shampoo is my only choice, I wash once with it and then attempt to use it a second time as conditioner. Trust me on this, it doesn't work.

The latest mind boggler has to do with the soap. If we only stay one night...or heck, even two nights...there is no way that we can use an entire bar or two of soap. So, when we (that's a collective WE there) leave the hotel, what happens to all of that soap? I looked it up on my dear friend Google and it seems that some hotels recycle the soap, but many don't. We have now started to take the soap back to our house to use it. (You know...doing our part and all.) But, for the most part, does it just get thrown away?? Could we send it to Juvy or something so that it can be used as punishment for foul-mouthed boys?


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

(Sorry, I posted the link wrong)

A TON of battered women's shelters, homeless shelters, etc. would LOVE that soap Amanda! Any new bars that you guys haven't used just drop them off! It's really easy to find places near your area, or even a Goodwill or something, to put them to good use if you don't need all the bottles at home! This is a great place to get started:

Marissa said...

What a great idea Lauren! It's a shame to waste things like that.

Jillian said...

Why, you're on a roll today Mrs. Michelson; I do believe I laughed out loud on several occasions.
Keep up the funny...i apologize for the brevity of this comment; my other hand is holding up the noggin of a ravenous baby.

Mom Cooper said...

Whhhhaaaatttt no pictures?? Just kidding, very nice blog. Your dad and I were just talking about ME leaving most of my hair products at home when we fly. He said what the hotel doesn't provide we can just buy. I'm like you tho on the shampoo that also qualifies as a conditioner, no way not gonna happen.