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27 September 2009

Halloween Ideas

Hey All - I'm bringing the poll back!  Dave and I are trying to figure out what to dress Olivia up as for Halloween this year.  We are OBSESSED with these Tom Arma costumes.  Let us know what you think Olivia will look best as!  (Or, if you have other ideas, let us know that too.)

More images and ideas can be found HERE!


Lauren said...


Marissa said...

Yes, I agree with Lauren - the bunny! :)

Irma said...

Make that 3 for the bunny!

Jillian said...

I vote bunny too.....OMG!!!!! I would have a hard time not EATING her from the sheer scrumptiousness of that outfit.
Ari has several Teddy bear one piece outfits anD I just can't stop snuggling her when she's in them.

Amanda said...

Haha - David is so mad because the bunny is not one of our choices! We are afraid that it might be too much for her with all that stuff around her face/head. That's why we like the monkey!

nikianna said...

Checked out the votes: Black Cat, White Rabbit, or the Monarch Butterfly :)

She'd look cute in anything though!