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08 September 2009

Too Busy To Blog

Between being a single parent for 4 days and 4 nights, preparing for our upcoming trip to Portland, and discovering & treating some pesky little fleas on Magnum, I've been a little too busy to put anything up here for a few days.

Being a single parent is TOUGH.  For the majority of the time while David was working on 5 different projects up in the Palo Alto area, we Michelson ladies were doing wonderfully.  Olivia was in a great mood most of the time and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for juggling things with ease.  However, there were definitely a few times where it would have been really nice to have an extra set of hands at the house.  Let me just give you a visual (er, maybe you don't want it...).  Picture it:  Sicily, 1927.  Wait, I'm not Sophia Petrillo.  Picture it:  Friday night, 8:30, me on the phone (hands-free) with my mom trying to explain to her how to look at a video I had sent her of Olivia, Olivia in my arms nursing, and the oven blaring at me to take out my dinner.  So, yeah, I got up with her still attached, her little body holding the phone for me, and grabbed a hot pad to get the food out.  In the wise words of David's father, Aye

One of our many smiling moments together.
 My much needed helping hand after a day of shopping in Santa Barbara.

The Magnum situation has gotten better - although yesterday, I had a slight meltdown at Pet Smart.  I spent all of Olivia's morning nap time yesterday putting all bedding and pillows in bags and storing them outside until they could get washed. (And, if you know Magnum well, you'll know that he has about 5 beds, 15 blankets, and then also uses our blankets for his own personal use!)  I took Magnum to get a flea bath yesterday afternoon at Pet Smart and they wouldn't do it because I didn't have proof of Magnum's rabies shots.  (They are stored in the filing cabinet in our garage which David locked before he left and then ever-so-wisely proceeded to take the key with him.  AND, the vet and kennel were closed for Labor Day.)  So, I ended up buying some flea shampoo and making David wash him down when he got home.

I think I added about 5 more bags to this pile before it was all said and done.
Yeah, he was so mad at me he wouldn't even look in my direction.  (And, no, David is not naked up there!)
I am delighted to have David back home, however he is clearly coming down with something and is headed into the doctor this afternoon.  So much for that extra set of hands.


Mom Cooper said...

"The Days of Our Lives" in the life of the Michelsons in Nipomo, CA. I'm not making fun it looks and sounds like you have been through enough to last for awhile. The words of Mom Miller, "And this too shall pass."

Marissa said...

L.O.V.E. the Sophia Petrillo reference! Haha! Seriously though, sounds like an adventure. Hope David gets something from the doc to make him feel better. Love you and miss you!

Lauren said...

I SO wish I had been there this week to help- with Olivia, with the fleas, with everything.

And now that your other half is back, you need to take care of him too! I hope everything calms down soon enough.

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!! :)

Irma said...

Glad you got through your tornado. Hope David is feeling better.