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30 September 2009

Like Sands Through the Hourglass, These Are the Days of Our Lives...

So, there are not a lot of super interesting things going on here...nothing so earth shattering that it would put a blip on a historical timeline or anything, but David and I are still walking around with our feet about a foot off the ground and smiles on our faces from ear to ear.

I'm married to that man, and that's our baby - how could I not be smiling from ear to ear?!

Let me fill you in on some of the recent occurances:

Last Thursday through Saturday, David and I took Olivia down to San Diego for a textile trade show.  Now, please, don't everyone bombard me with questions about how exciting it was because I simply won't have time to answer you all.  We stayed right on the harbor and enjoyed daydreaming about having our own catamaran to travel from port to port in.  We explored the Gaslight District in San Diego where I fell in lurve with a Dr. Seuss Lorax print that went for $950 unframed and then promptly got on the computer to search for a poster that would go for...oh, $930 less!  Oh, and did I mention that I had the best cinnamon bread french toast for breakfast (yeah, I still eat like I'm pregnant, what about it?)...move over Richard Walker's Pancake House, The Mission is where it's at!

I also found the most adorable sunglasses for Olivia.  She absolutely cracks up when they are on, but then immediately takes them off to put in her mouth.

I have added some solid foods to Olivia's diet - so far she has had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, prunes and today we tried carrots.  She's just like her mother and thoroughy enjoys the carbohydrates!  It has definitely made feeding time a lot longer of a process and a whole lot messier! 

Gotta love those sweet taters!

Olivia is also starting to sit up on her own.  So what if it is only for about ONE second at a time, it's still a milestone in our book.  Oh, and did I mention that she's also sleeping through the night?!  Well, she's not really, but I am so sick of hearing that question and answering it with a "Nope" that my new answer is going to be a resounding, "Heck Yeah she is!"  I just won't be sharing that half the time she's sleeping through the night in my arms.

(No, I don't count that as really sitting up on her own - she does it better, just not on command!)

In non-Olivia news - FALL TV IS HERE!!  Yeah, yeah, those other two girls can blog about fall football, but I'm blogging about new episodes of House, The Office and my new favorite, Cougartown!  And, my guilty pleasure of The Hills is back too! 

And, last but certainly not least, our Hoosier Baby is going to be making her first official visit to Indiana.  We are heading back home on October 24th and will be out there through the first of November.  There are so many of you that we want to see and will be trying to make plans with each of you.  I absolutely cannot wait to see everyone and of course, sample some of my favorite eats.

Olivia will be submitting this picture in her application to I.U.

Oh, and did I mention that this is my family???  Yep, still smiling.


Mom Cooper said...

Things seem to be happening at warp speed at the Michelson household. Love the pics. You will no doubt keep seeing new and different accomplishments from Olivia. Looking forward to your next visit.


Marissa said...

What cute pictures Amanda! I especially love the IU outfit and she should definitely include it with her application! Pumpkin thought the header pic was cute - he kept saying "Baby" and giving Olivia a kiss. Then Mister started gettting possessive and saying "No, that's MY baby Olivia!" :) Too cute for words! And I love fall tv too. I hate all those lame summer programs. And I agree, Cougartown is my new favorite comedy along with my other fave: The Office. But I LOVE Dancing with the Stars.

Lauren said...

Love this post... too cute. And yes, you have quite the smile-inducing life Mrs. Michelson! :)

I want to print that picture of Livvy with the sweet 'taters and just crumple it up and eat it- she is THAT delicious. She must take after Auntie Lauren, mashed sweet potatoes are my FAVVVVORITE.

Miss you and love you guys.

ps: Cougartown? Really? Just too cheesy for me. Modern Family however, loved it! BUT- the comforter that the neighbor(with the gross husband) in Cougartown had is the exact same one we have in the guest room. Hahaha.

Irma said...

Really great family photos of the Michelson's. Olivia is growing up too fast...I can't wait to actually have time with her at Thanksgiving! Love you all.