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15 December 2009

Don't Cha Wish Your Baby Was Cute Like Mine?!

Here are a few pictures of Olivia in some of her Christmas outfits. Enjoy.


Marissa said...

Aaaah, so darling! Great pictures of my beautiful niece. :)

Mom Cooper said...

Oh my goodness I want to hug that little Christmas elf so much right now. But until I get over this bronchitis it's best I am here and she is there. I sure better be better by next week so Nana can get her fill of this precious baby.

Poppy said...

Beautiful picture! She is so precious! Can't wait to hold and play with the cutest lil granddaughter ever.

Irma said...

Dear Santa,
Please send me this package of little sugar for Christmas! I have been good (most of the year).
Grandma Irma

Lauren said...

Okay, Olivia being the cutest little baby girl EVER is OBVIOUS so I'm going to comment on ANOTHER picture-
Poppy, I love your Blogger Pic!!!