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17 December 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

Even if you don't want it to.  Today is Olivia's 8 month birthday, and even though I say it every month on her birthday, I'm going to say it again.  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by.  How in the world has eight months passed so fast?

I realized the other day that even though I've posted some pictures, I haven't really filled everyone in on all the latest and greatest that's going on with Olivia.  So, here's a quick update.

Around Thanksgiving time, Olivia's first tooth started popping through.  She has not been super fussy or cranky, but last night she didn't sleep so well, so maybe it's starting to bother her. It is as sharp as can be, I know that!

She is eating 3 square meals a day, and with the exception of breakfast, I'm making all of her food for her.  I've tried doing some oatmeal for breakfast and she does okay, but she really likes the breakfast baby foods and it's kind of nice having at least one of those meals a day already prepared.  Her favorite foods are acorn squash (thanks Amy!), sweet potatoes/yams, pears, apples and bananas, but she will eat just about anything.  And, yeah, that still includes the dog food she seems to be sneaking into her mouth. She doesn't like a sippy cup, but feels like a big girl drinking water out of our plastic cups.  A lot of it usually dribbles down into her lap, but that's why I feed her naked -- much easier to clean up.

Olivia is crawling like crazy.  It's so fun to watch her go after something too...she pants like a dog until she gets to it.  She's having a blast chasing after Magnum and our temporary guest dog, Pepper. About two weeks ago, she perfected pulling herself up onto our ottoman/coffee table and has now mastered the couch cushions which are a little higher.  She is even able to climb the highest side of the couch where the arm rests are.  She can stand on her own as long as one arm is still holding onto something.  She can "cruise" down the cushions of the couch, but she hasn't figured out how to switch from one piece of furniture to another.

Fortunately, she is not very interested in our Christmas tree.  Probably because she is so fascinated with her Uncle Kiel and Pepper to notice our giant 9 3/4 foot tree sitting in the middle of the family room.   When he goes to work tomorrow, we are going to be in for a big shock.

And, I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone out there, but EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.  If there is a small speck of lint on the ground, she'll find it, pick it up and chew on it until I swipe my finger through her mouth and get it out.

It's getting more difficult to change her diaper because she wants to crawl and move around.  That laying down nice and still business is a waste of time in her book.

I think that's about it as far as new things for her are concerned -- we are looking forward to seeing her open new presents and I am excited about some new toys to play with. And, we are SUPER excited for Nana, Poppy and Uncle Ryan to come and visit.

I wasn't going to post any of these yet, but since it's her birthday, I'll give you a sneak peak at some of the awesome pictures that Daniel took of Olivia a few weeks ago.  But, I'm only going to show you a few, so don't pester me for more until after Christmas!


Mom Cooper said...

Nana sure can't wait for some lovin from this precious baby. Looking forward to seeing all her new "tricks". AND I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures because these teasers are soooooo good.

Marissa said...

How sweet! Love the update and the pictures. She's a darling little girl! :)

Jillian said...

She's really doing well Amanda! I know you're not supposed to compare babies, but DAMN! Ari CAN but WON"T sit up on her own yet. She is possibly more stubborn than Ellie.....I see many heart attacks in my future.
The pictures are beautiful...but of course they had a beautiful subject to work with.
I miss you SOOOOOOO much and hope we can visit sometime next spring.

Marissa said...

It is so nice to watch her grow even if only on the blog. She is definitely entertaining...and lovable!

Lauren said...

Amanda, I've told you and I've told Dave but I'm going to shout it from the rooftops (well, at least your blog's comment section anyway):


Honestly, between the food steaming/pureeing, down-on-the-floor constant playing, staying in your singsong/Mommy voice all day, and devoting every ounce of your being to her in the most selfless way... your patience is awe-inspiring and it is BEYOND apparent that you were born to be her Mommy. She is SO incredibly blessed...

Irma said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos Daniel took. Big kiss to Olivia.

Mom Cooper said...

Let me just say I agree whole heartedly with Lauren. Amanda you are a wonderful Mother and Olivia is so blessed to have you by her side 24/7. To that I say thank you to Dave for being in a position (and seeing the importance)that gives Amanda the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Mom. I know not all Mothers are able to do that and their babies still thrive BUT when you can what a blessing for both the Mom and child.