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21 December 2009

Santa Baby -- One For the Baby Book

Saturday afternoon and evening, David and I finished up our Christmas shopping up in San Luis Obispo.  Since there really is no mall up there (which I love, by the way), I wondered if we would have the opportunity for Olivia to see Santa this year.  Fortunately, we stumbled across the Santa House over by the Mission where Santa was waiting to hear requests from all the boys and girls.

I'm pretty sure Olivia's only wish was for me to get her off of Santa's lap as quickly as possible.  Maybe it was because she had been carried by us for the previous three hours and didn't want to be "free", maybe it was because she was hungry or tired, or maybe, just maybe, it was because that Santa Claus didn't look A THING like Santa Claus.  Just sayin'.

The picture is priceless.  And, even though David thinks it's cruel to have it go into her baby book, I think it's something she'll look back at and laugh about.


Lauren said...

So, Kiel walked over just as I opened your page and exclaimed "OH WOW! THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE AMANDA!" Don't even ask... haha!

*and, before you ask, YES he was talking about Livi and NOT Sketchsanta.

Marissa said...

Oh wow. That's priceless and DEFINITELY one for her baby book. My boys had the same reaction.

Jillian said...

Awww poor baby! She WILL laugh at it one day though. That santa is TERRIBLE!
The Greenfield Santa was similar and Ellie knew something was up. So when we were at a very nice mall here yesterday, she saw the one they had (WITH real beard and hair and REAL fur trimmed suit sheesh) she said It's the REAL Santa!! After standing in line and not moving for a half an hour, we bribed her away from him with promises of ice cream. Yes, we ARE going on the naughty list for that.

Coco Stiletto said...

that's the same face i make when i'm confronted by a santa. so scary!

Mom Cooper said...

My heart would have been breaking for her at that moment if I had been there. No more Santa trips till she is five or older. I sure hope I don't see that face when Santa Nana and Poppy get there.

Mindi Hoellein said...

Hahaha! Drunken Santa, perhaps? Seriously. Can anyone be a Santa, nowadays? Poor little one, she probably didnt know what to think! ;o)