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01 December 2009

Really With Seth and Amy

Seriously Olivia?!  Dog food?  I know spinach isn't chocolate cake or anything, but you'd REALLY rather eat dog food than spinach?  Come on.

But, come to think of it, dog food might be a little less messy than acorn squash and yams!

And, if you haven't gotten your Daily Dose of Cuteness yet, check out some of the newborn pictures taken of my new "nephew" Noah here.  SO adorable.


Jillian said...

A) HAHA! And, I think it's a phase that every kid whose parents own a dog goes through. And it lasted for Ellie until she was almost TWO!
B) CHEESEANDRICE! How many bowls of dog food does Magnum get? He is treated much better than he ever was over here I can tell you that.

Marissa said...

Yep, my boys have done that too. Ick. Love the pictures of Noah - he's a darling little guy. :)

Amanda said...

Jill - David is trying an experiment w/ Magnum and his dog food. He's such a finicky little eater and so we keep trying new brands and flavors. David's giving him a taste test, I guess. I'm thinking of switching him to the raw food diet that my brother's dog does because he scarfs that down in 2 minutes and then there's nothing left for Olivia to get into!

And, yeah, she's growing way too fast!

Lauren said...

Seriously, we're going to have to keep Pep confined to the room the entire time we're at your house! Those bowls of food would be GONE-ZO in 1.6 seconds with her around. She never learned the fine art of "grazing"... she inhales her food literally within SECONDS of us putting it down. I blame it on her rough childhood growing up on the streets.

Irma said...

Yikes! Exploring takes on a whole new meaning.

Mom Cooper said...

Well I must be getting old. I'm trying to remember if you or Ryan ever tried to get to/eat the dog food. Nope can't think of "erry" a time!!!! Hope Olivia figures out soon that dog food is yucky! Too cute tho. I hope she eats as much as she wears! Love that baby girl.