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20 February 2010

Dinner and a Movie

So, I just deleted about 3 paragraphs that went into way too much detail describing our Dinner and a Movie night, and I'm really just ready for bed. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what we did - and what we plan on doing at least once a month - picked a cool movie and made food that corresponded to that movie.*

Since our first Triple Date night was the night before Valentine's Day, we chose Breakfast at Tiffany's and had (here comes a real shocker) breakfast for dinner. The movie, which only one of us had seen, was quirky and fun, and the food? Well, it was all divine. Go ahead, take a look-see and just try to tell me you won't be beating down our door next movie night.

Chocolate-covered strawberries, a (ahem) fruit bouquet, and chocolate-covered Ruffles.  Because, seriously, who doesn't eat chocolate-covered Ruffles for breakfast?!

And to your right, Bakerella's Pancake Muffins, cupcakes (go ahead, zoom in on that piping), potatoes O'Brien, croissants from Giuseppe's, and a missing fire roasted pepper frittata. 

There's that, what's left of it.

And, check out this little muffin here!

She only got to stick around for dinner.

Her Valentine's Day outfit

Love Love Love

Oh yes, back to the dinner.  We did actually have people over and I did my best to jazz the place up a bit.

We finally got to break out our wedding china!  And, those are Tiffany candlestick holders that we got as a wedding present.

Girls on the left, boys on the right.

Apparently Lauren and Pepper were the only ones who got the memo that this was a GROUP picture.  No worries Katie, we know you were drunk.

Seriously, she is/was/will always be the BEST date ever.

*A special thanks to Irma for giving us this idea.  It's so wonderful to have great friends who will come down to our house, party with our BABY, and allow us to enjoy a date night without worrying about leaving Olivia for the night.

Suggestions for the next one?


David said...

Thanks babe for putting so much effort into a fun night! Thanks for all those who attended. How about Scareface for the next movie? But who whould want to eat dinner after all that blow?! ;)

Jillian said...

BEAUTIFUL! You, Olivia, the food, the table, everything! I know I say it all the time, but...I MISS YOU!

Marissa said...

What a fun date night! Fun idea! We just got your Valentine's card and it was darling! Miss you guys and I miss that little baby of yours. Even Mister misses her. Yesterday he got all weepy b/c he wanted to see his "pretty cousin Olivia." Really cute. :)

Mom Cooper said...

KUDOS to you and your friends for making the special "date night" a reality. The food looks delicious, the decor beautiful, the fun you must have had priceless. Do you think us "older" folks could do one????

David said...

Um, I meant *Scarface*

Irma said...

Yes, older folks can easily do one. We have Dinner and a Movie every month. Suggestion: We looked at 1939-1942 top 5 Oscar nominated movies to start with and kept that theme going for a bit. Terrific old movies! Pick a theme and go with it. Amanda, you did me proud! What a fantatic set up, food. It looked like a lot of fun! Love you all!