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08 February 2010

Playing Catch Up

Wowsa!  The time with my parents flew by so quickly.  I did get several things wiped off of my to-do list and managed to catch up on a little sleep as well.  I got my hair done, bought myself some new clothes, and got a pedicure with my pops.

You think that smile is cute?  You should see him when they start buffing his heels!

The best they could do at an Asian salon in Arizona.  Yep, those are horseshoes!  (Make one comment about my toes and I'll reach right through this computer and pop you one!)

Even with all that pampering, the highlight of my trip was just spending time with my family.  It is so, so, soooo difficult being this far away from them.  It was hard when it was just me and David, but now with Olivia, it is even more difficult.

I know not everyone has a fabulous relationship with their parents, and I truly feel so blessed that I do.  While I would love to live much (MUCH) closer to them, I am grateful for the times that I can spend with them.  I know it is not always easy for David to spend time away from me and Olivia, so I am super thankful to him for allowing us to go.

So, here are a few more pictures from the trip.  Stay tuned for a Superbowl post later today or tomorrow.

Poppy fed her breakfast almost every morning so I could sleep in. 

Rooting on IU - it was a rough week to be a Hoosier.

She loves her Uncle Ryan and cousin Peyton!

Another big thanks to Mom and Dad for taking such good care of us while we were out there.  We really enjoyed our time with you guys.  XOXOXO


Irma said...

Family time is always special no matter the time in between. Love you.

Mom Cooper said...

We loved having you and Olivia with us. I cherish our family time so much. At least Poppy and I have Peyton for awhile! Already looking forward to our next time together.

Poppy said...

I miss you girls already! I was so awesome having you here. And when Ryan came in it was even more than awesome. Is that even possible? Love you guys! Next time, David has to come so he can share the love.

Lauren said...

Your posts about your family always make me homesick for mine... and I love the fact that we're not too proud to admit the fact that sometimes, all we need and all we want are hugs and love from the two people that brought us into the world.