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02 February 2010

Sleep is for Sissies

UGH. We were not blessed with a baby who "sleeps like a baby." She has a lot of wonderful qualities, but being a great sleeper is not one of those. Nine and a half months into this and we are still struggling. I know what some of you moms out there are going to tell me to do, and I just can't do it...yet. And, don't even think about Olivia's Nana, 'cuz she can't do it either. So for the last several days and nights, we've been kind of swapping shifts. And, it's been SO nice. I've been able to sleep in a few mornings until 9:15! I know, sounds great, right? It would be even more awesome if I hadn't been woken up multiple times the night before by a baby wanting to spend the night attached to me, but nonetheless, the sleeping in is fabulous.

My mom is loving every second of our visit because it means she gets to hold, feed, soothe, and play with Olivia whenever she wants.

Olivia had her first real bath a few nights ago and promptly christened it with a poop. And, while I took a picture of it for prosperity's sake, I'm not going to post it on here. Yeah, there's a first time for everything.

Of course, our child who REFUSES to sit still had to crawl all over the bathtub!

That's just a washcloth...

I really got the royal treatment today not only getting to sleep in, but also getting my hair highlighted and doing some shopping for ME. I haven't done that in so long, I'm pretty sure I have forgotten how. Brianna, I NEED YOUR HELP!! But, Olivia was so great the entire time - playing with my mom and not fussing once while I shopped.

Readers, I must truly love you to post this picture. Nahhh, I just know you'll be focusing on that precious baby in my arms and not me!

The fun hasn't even begun to start as my brother doesn't get out here until Thursday...and then it's restaurant after restaurant after restaurant. I can already feel my jeans getting tighter.


Irma said...

Love it that you are taking some time for yourself while Olivia has some great bonding time with her Nana! A win-win for everyone. And I LOVE all the photos.

Mom Cooper said...

Nana has some bags under her eyes but having my grand baby here is worth it!!! Olivia has been such a joy to her Poppy and Nana while on this visit. Her smiles just melt my heart, and when she reaches out for me it's the best feeling ever! The only drawback is the days are going by way too fast.

Marissa said...

Babies sure are tiring, but it's worth it right? :) My niece is so gorgeous! Glad you're having a nice time in Arizona. Have fun at all those restaurants. And if you want some good sushi or teppan-style food (think Benihana) and to go Sakura (either in Tempe or Scottsdale, I can't remember). I worked at the Tucson location in college and couldn't ever get enough amazing food!

BARI said...

I know, i GOTTA get out there!
P.S. I LOVE the owl on your blog, sooo cute!