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17 October 2010

Happy 18 Months, Olivia Cole!

Time definitely flies when you are having's hard to believe that from this day forward, you will actually be closer to TWO than you are to one.  Can we hit the pause button for just a few days?  As you say it, "Peees?"  I've spent too much time putting together this slide show to be ready with updates on what all you are doing these days {feel free to call me a slacker when you have a toddler of your own}, but I hope to get that on here in the next couple of days.  Just know this, your daddy and I love you more than words could ever describe.  You are the most important thing to us and we feel so lucky to be your parents.  We have surrounded you with love from the moment we found out about you and will continue to do that for as long as we live.  You are beyond blessed to have so many people who truly love and care about you and fill your life with love on a daily basis.  Happy Birthday, my sweet, beautiful baby girl.

Olivia's 18 Month Birthday from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

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Mom Cooper said...

Words can't describe how much love I have for this baby girl. I am one blessed Nana.