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25 October 2010

Party On, Wayne! Party On, Garth!

I am party pooped!  So, in short, here are the details!

The Yummies:

Candy-coated pretzel rods

Toddler-friendly "sweets" -- Apple Pumpkin Bars

Candy Corn & Peanuts - one of my favorite Halloween treats.

The Belle of the Ball:

Trick-or-Treat?  This one's a treat for sure!

The Babes:

Maren and Avi -- Michael was the fisherman!

The Partyin':
Have you guys ever seen a bumblebee on a giraffe?
Check it:

What else can you do when the fiesta is on one of the 15 days of the year that it rains in California?  Party in the Playroom!

Lovin' these adorable little bugs.

Uh-Oh, the boys found Olivia's room!

Brycen was a football player and his baby brother, Everett, was a football.
I'm lovin' those family-themed costumes!

Dr. Jacob relaxing after a long day at work! 

The Whole Gang:

Xander, Jacob, Brycen, Olivia, Avi and Kendall
Clearly we follow the "boys on one side, girls on the other" rule in this house.  And it will stay that way until Olivia turns 25.

We had a blast with everyone here.  I'm thinking we need to make this a yearly Halloween tradition...except maybe next year we'll order up some sunshine.

Happy Monday from the Central Coast!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

Amanda you are a wonderful party planner. The food table looks so cute and the food yummy. Glad you were able to adapt to the inside for the party. ALL the little ones look so adorable.