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10 October 2010

My Sunday Smiles {Volume 12}

When I was a little girl and would get upset, I would call for my Pappaw.  When Olivia's upset, she calls for her Rhino.  So, we just knew we had to jump at the chance to come see him on his quick trip out to Arizona.  I decided that I wanted to keep our trip a secret {because I just LOVE surprises} and hoped that my parents and I would be able to pull it off.  It became difficult after Olivia's cry-fest on Wednesday night where we had to get Ryan on Skype at 10 his time to appease Olivia's whines.

Our flight got in about 10 minutes before Ryan's and so we rushed from picking up our bags to the other terminal to pick him up.  He was waiting outside reading a book and I was able to jump out of the car and ask him if he needed any help with his bags before he realized it was me.  Olivia was just as excited to see Ryan as he was to see her!

Sharing the details of the surprise with their peeps.
The visit so far has been wonderful.  Olivia and Uncle Rhino have had lots of bonding time.  In fact, she fell asleep on his lap yesterday evening while we were out on a ride on the golf cart.  We were sad to see him leave today, but are thankful we still have a few more days out here.

Even the dog cousins had a little bonding time over the weekend.

I can't remember if I have mentioned how difficult it is to eat out with Olivia these days.  If I haven't, let me just say that while it isn't impossible, it certainly isn't enjoyable.  It was a nice experience today having four adults and a dvd player to entertain her.
I think having the Hello Kitty bento box filled with strawberries and grapes helped too!
That nose wrinkle is quite possibly our new favorite facial expression.

We spent part of this evening at a local playground and then made our first attempt at catching a fish at the pond by the clubhouse.  Needless to say, I have a feeling we will be back to both at some point this week.

Since I have had a free babysitter out here, I've had some time to perfect my craft.  Remember my Valentine's Day fruit bouquet?  Well, I've finally figured out the secret.

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Olivia sure loves Uncle Rhino. And it is so obvious he loves her too. He brought her a coat, shirt and book from his last trip to Paris.

You sure have gotten better making a fruit bouquet. OK I cannot tell a lie. It is a professional made one and it is from Ryan as a thank you for us keeping Peyton. Good try Amanda.

Unknown said...

You're looking pretty mama!