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09 October 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin, Olivia Cole

On Friday, our Parent Participation class took a field trip to {our favorite spot} the Avila Valley Barn.  The last time David and I took Olivia to the barn was the day before all the pumpkins came in, so this was the first I had seen of the barn in all its pumpkin glory.

 I wish I had taken some pictures of the numerous pumpkins in all different sizes and the various types of gourds, but it was so incredibly crowded there that even getting the shots of our tots was a miracle in itself.  Not to mention, do you have ANY idea how difficult it is taking a picture of a child who is always on the run?  Take for example my attempts before we left for the barn:

{Yes, I had a little fun with Picnik}

We got there a little early and corralled over by the chickens and sheep and gave the kiddos a chance to feed them.  Most of the kids were more interested in giving each other pieces of lettuce...and a few were {understandably} overwhelmed.

Poor Tyler. Clearly Avila Valley Barn is not his favorite place.

Remember this trip??

Fortunately, our school had a reservation on the tractor ride so we didn't have to wait in a big line.  They gave each of our kids an apple for the ride.
Olivia dug right in.

And I think she was probably asking Kendall for hers!

Not really sure it was the greatest idea to give them sticky apples and then send them to a field full of bees.  Let's just say Olivia was not happy when I chucked that apple as far away as possible.

She quickly got over that and focused her attention to finding the best pumpkin in the patch.

Kendall found hers right away.

Great work girls!

Can you believe my baby is big enough to pick her own pumpkin and carry it?
I mean, doesn't it seem like this was just a few months ago?


Thank you, Tessa, for being the only one to look directly at me while I took pictures!

And, there goes Little Miss Independent frolicking through the patch.

Love this girl.

Group shot!
Olivia, Kendall & Macy

Happy Saturday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

These are the most precious pictures I have seen in a while. I love seeing Olivia doing things with her little friends. She is so blessed to have parents like you and Dave who show her all the exciting things this world has to offer.

Unknown said...

I love her shirt!
You are using your precious snowflake to score candy, preferably chocolate, which you will eat in between chugs of diet coke, while curled up to Project Runway!