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01 August 2011

The Kindness of Friends

You know how yesterday's blog started off with the words I'm beat!?  I'm pretty sure that the rest of my blog posts for the next three {plus, plus, plus} weeks could start off that way.  After a morning of running errands in SLO {Target, Katie's shop, the post office, Michael's and Von's} with Olivia and then spending the afternoon making a batch of breakfast burritos, I literally hit a brick wall this evening around 6:00 and had to lay down and leave the clean-up and dinner preparation to David.

But, I got my second wind when it came time to open a fabulous package that came in the mail today from one of my high school friends {and blog reader}, Natalie!  She is the sweetest thing in the world and has two of the most adorable kids EVER, Hazel and Harrison.  It was so thoughtful of her to send Baby Girl something along with something for Olivia!

Shout out to Aunt Marissa for this AMAZING dress!

Opening the card that Smarty Pants Hazel wrote letters all over.

Umm, yeah, I've already read this to her 3 times!

Can you tell she is IN LOVE with what's inside?

A new Fancy Nancy sticker book!!

So, Natalie MADE a towel, washcloth and burp cloth for the new baby!  I kid you not, Friday night I emailed my mom letting her know that if she wanted to get us something that we "needed" for the baby, she could get a couple new towels because most of the ones we used with Olivia were starting to look shabby.  And then, VOILA, this shows up!  So, Hey Natalie, tonight's email request to my mom was  one million dollars if you want to do anything about that!  ;)  

The gifts are awesome and, again, it was so SO sweet of her to think of us!  

And, speaking of the new baby, I have narrowed down her names to two choices!  {Umm, presented both to David and got no real response, but since I'm the one carrying this baby, I'm pretty sure I'll have my way!}  And, for prosperity's sake, so she knows that not everything she is getting is a hand-me-down from Olivia, here are a couple of newborn outfits I picked up for her not too long ago.  I'm not sure which one she'll be wearing home from the hospital.  {Speaking of...she is due THREE weeks from today!}

In addition to being a little more tired these days, I'm also getting more bouts of heartburn.  Thus, meet my new best friend:

I wish they tasted a little more like candy and a little less like fruity chalk.

Happy Monday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Doesn't it just make your day when you get something totally unexpected from someone totally unexpected. How sweet of Natalie to send that "unexpected surprise". I remember her mom was always so helpful to me and Jack when it came time to think about gifts for his golf girls. Kindness doesn't fall far from the tree.

BTW I really like Olivia's little bang braid!!

You have your bag packed for the hospital, I better pack mine too, 2nd baby may come early.

Poppy said...

Very Cute Sis! I miss you all.

Irma said...

Olivia looks darling in her bright summer dress! How nice of your friend Natalie to send surprises! (Give her MY address...just kidding). If you feel like sharing the two names you came up with, I would love to hear them! Looking forward to meeting the new baby!

Marissa said...

Cute dress! :) Sorry you're having such heartburn. That's so miserable. Not much longer now! xoxo!