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17 August 2011

Two and A Third

Well, Olivia, this will probably be the last birthday post you get as an "only child."  {You know, unless Baby Sister decides to camp out in Mommy's belly for another which case, you will forever and always be my favorite child.}

There are a few things I would LOVE to include here on the blog, but I know that you would hate me for it one day, so I'm not going to put it up here.  But let me tell you that I am learning my lesson to DEMAND privacy from you at certain points in the day because you are entirely too observant.

Your communication skills improve on a daily basis - it is crazy for me to think about how much you know and understand and RELAY back to us.  You are a little sponge, for sure.  One thing we do need to work on with you is your communicating nicely.  You can be a little demanding sometimes.  We are hearing a lot of, I WANT IT or I CAN DO IT.  Totally typical stuff, Little Miss Independent, but something we are working on so you sound a little bit nicer when you say it.

You are still obsessed with books and the other day you sat on my lap while I read you at least 30 books.  I love being able to snuggle with you, even if it is a bit uncomfortable on my bulging belly sometimes.

You LOVE stickers and coloring books, but you usually ask me to color for you - which, I have to admit, I am really enjoying.  {I am actually thinking of taking a coloring book into the hospital with me to take my mind off of labor.}  But, your most favorite thing in the world right now would have to be your date nights with your Daddy.  You talk about going to Avila Beach ALL the time.  And you remember all the things you see -- the boy catching crabs with his net, the seagull who grabbed at your quesadilla, and Viv the fire dancer.

Your Nana came out here today and you are all about her right now!  {She showered you with all of these gifts about 3 minutes after we got home from the airport.} It is 8:20pm and I bet you are so wound up that you don't fall asleep until at least 10.  We are both relieved that she is here though.  I'm glad you get to have some special time with her before you become a big sister.

Happy 28 months, my sweet, precious baby girl.  I love you more than you will ever know.


Poppy said...

Such a beautiful lil lady, and I love your new "bling" Poppy sent you.

Irma said...

Looking beautiful Olivia! Lucky little girl!

Mom Cooper said...

I can't tell you how good it was to see my CA family. Amanda picked me up at the airport after her Dr. appt. So when we pulled in the house we were greeted with David and Olivia. She kept saying NANA, NANA, NANA, nothing sounds better to me than to hear those words from her, unless it's I Love You, Nana!!

She is growing up right before my eyes. I am sad and happy at the same time.

She still amazes me with her ability to spout out such big words AND know exactly what they mean.

I'm sure she will teach her baby sister lots of wonderful things!