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30 August 2011

Pictures From the Last Few Days

Here are a few photos from the past few days.  We are lucky to get a few pictures of her with her eyes open because she seriously sleeps about 22 hours a day!  I love it though - she is such a little snuggle bug.  I took her into the doctor yesterday and she was only down 4 oz from her birth weight.  She got an A+ report!  She had her first sponge bath today and did such a great job.  She cried for about 30 seconds and that was it!  Love her so much!

Look at that blonde hair!

{Thanks again for the towel, Natalie!!  She loved it!}

In other news, Olivia gave the thumbs up today!!  Little smarty pants.  She looks like a hot mess because she just woke up from her nap.  Plus, gone are the days {for awhile} of me spending 15 minutes french braiding her hair!  I barely get 15 minutes to shower and get dressed!

Thumbs up for popcorn!

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Sarah said...

She's beautiful...just like her big sister. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Poppy said...

I swear those are the pictures you have previously posted of big sis. They look so much alike its scary.

Love those lil girls!

Irma said...

Sydney is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her. Olivia looks so grown up next to Sydney! Hugs and kisses to the girls.

Mom Cooper said...

I am so blessed to be able to snuggle with my two grand babies all day long. They are both so special.

Marissa said...

She looks a lot like Olivia did when she was a baby. :)