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09 August 2011

Little Smarty Pants

Readers, meet Velma.  She's Olivia's new favorite character.  And, this is her new favorite book.  (A random grab from the library last I've already read at least 10 times.)

Now, picture this conversation:

Me:  Olivia, what's it called when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly?
Olivia:  Metamorphosis.  {Pronounced PERFECTLY}
Me:  Well, what's it called when the butterflies fly south to Mexico to stay warm?
Olivia:  Migration.  {Again, perfect enunciation}
Me:  Well, what's that special place where butterflies sometimes live?
Olivia:  The conservatory.

Thank you, Velma Gratch for teaching my little sponge all about butterflies.

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

So stinking cute! :)

Mom Cooper said...

Yes, yes she is........smartie pants that is!

Thanks for sharing that conversation with Nana and Poppy this morning on Skype.

Tell Mommy to hold tight until Nana gets there.

Irma said...

Well...she is smarter then me these days! So precious.